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The Communication Course

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We say truth is verbal orgasm...

Have you ever expressed a truth that felt uncomfortable? Maybe you gave someone feedback, or told them you love them, and then the sensation went up in your body. Maybe you felt a rush of heat in your stomach and tingling in your hands and chest. These are signs of orgasm, and communication is a catalyst to increase the orgasm in our everyday interactions.

In this one-day course taught by TurnON Britain Senior Faculty, you will learn the basics to verbal stroking. When your attention, intonation, and words are all in alignment, that’s when your communication can land in another person. In this workshop, peel back the layers of conditioning overlaying your communication and find the connection you want.

Learn How To:

  • Speak your truth from a place of turn-on
  • Read what others are really saying to you beneath the words
  • Learn how you can communicate on multiple dimensions at once and align these for greater impact
  • Bring the concepts of OM into every interaction
  • Increase your capacity to feel nuanced messages in conversation by moving out of your head and into your body
  • Trust your turn-on over any specific outline or agenda

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