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The Orgasm & Desire Course

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Things got a little messed up along the way. We got our internal compasses oriented towards disconnection and suffering for some reason. There are a lot of theories as to how this happened…but let’s not go into the problem just now. Let’s focus on the solution, right? How do you get your internal compass oriented back towards due North? Due North being connection and orgasm.

Here’s the trick: Desire IS the compass. We were taught that desire is to be tamed, stifled, only followed when you can afford it. Play with desire and you play with fire. The truth is, the only way you’re actually going to become the force of nature you know you are inside, the only way you’re going to live the killer, brilliant, mind-blowing life you know you want to live, is by following your desire. And following your desire is a whole art.

TurnON Britain is holding a very special one-day course. It’s all about how to live a life rooted in orgasm and navigated entirely by following desire. It’s a life that is healthy, rich, nourishing, organic, sustainable, and extraordinary, and you can have it too.

If total fulfillment was handed to you, if you were shown the path, would you take it?

We will pull the curtain back on the landscape of connection and orgasm. At the price-point of this course, this is amazing and you must attend!! You can’t miss this one!

10am - 6pm


To sign up, contact Ali Wahl at +44 7561 459172 or email at ali@onetaste.us

Cancellation policy Please email info@turnonbritain.co.uk with your contact details if you would like to cancel or amend your booking
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