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The Women's Course

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The Women’s Course

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

- Dalai Lama at the Vancouver Peace Summit

Dear Woman,

We didn’t do this because we thought it was the right thing to do. We didn’t do this to change the world. We didn’t do this to fix the economy, or politics, or the workplace. We did it because we were hungry. Hungry to create without feeling like we had to shut down the very part of ourselves that was creative. Hungry to relate honestly, with all of ourselves and all of you and all of him and all of them. Hungry for sex that fits our bodies instead of sex that we had to fit our bodies into.

Along the way, we found that we couldn’t do it alone. We needed each other. We needed men. Not in the, “I need you or I’ll die” kind of way. Trust us, we’ve got shit handled. But, “I need you because I want you. I need you because it sucks to do this thing alone. I need you because I know now, and more and more each day, how fundamentally connected we all are.”

We are leaders. We’re creating change not by fighting the old ways, but by finding a better way. We’re creating change by getting our pussies stroked. We’re creating change by getting so turned on that the world effortlessly becomes that which we most deeply want: a world where both men and women can be our most vulnerable selves, a world where desire is just as critical as doing it right, a world where we don’t have to specify “connected sex” because sex just IS connected.

We invite you to join this movement with the senior female faculty of OneTaste for a weekend of unlocking power and deep feminine knowing, rooted in female sexuality.

Love, The Women of OneTaste

This three-day course includes:

  • How to be a woman that leads from at least 51% desire

  • Attract the lovers or partners you want, and sustain connections over time

  • Fall in love with your body and let her guide your purpose

Venue: 2nd Floor, Laser House, 132-140 Goswell Road EC1V 7DY

Friday, Registration begins at 6:30PM
Saturday, All Day
Sunday, Program ends at 2PM

For more information contact Claudia at claudia.melli@turnonbritain.co.uk or 07714 126327

Cancellation policy
- Classes or Coaching can be cancelled within 72 hours of purchase for a full refund minus any admin charges.
- 100% money back guarantee, subject to the returns policy.
- For the full details, please visit our returns policy online.

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