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OM Practice Club

Want to kickstart or renew your OMing practice? Join the OM (Orgasmic Meditation) Practice club. Make your new habit about joining a community that wants connection and aliveness, make it about acting on your belief that there is something more, make it about orgasm!

Do you want to hit the ground running with your OM practice? Have you learned to OM but had trouble getting onto the bandwagon? Do you want to immerse into the practice and see what it is really like to live a life powered by orgasm? Were you an avid OMer who got sidetracked and needs a little support getting back in?

This Membership is designed to immerse you into the practice and the community of OM. It’s structured to give you motivation and learning as you go, and is great for new OMers or those who want to reignite their practice.

Plan details

  • Unlimited visits